1、What web browser should be used to access U-NAS?
A:Chrome and/or Firefox. Lastest version of Edge also works
2、What is the default user name and password for web manager?
A:The default user name/password for web login: admin / password
3、What is the default password for root?
A:The default password for root is yutech. Please change your root password when you login the first time. Please write the password done and kept it in a safe place
4、Why the memoary usage is so high?
A:Linux based system will use free memory as cache to improve the performance. The cached memory will be released whenever needed automatically.
5、What is the user names and passord for FTP?
A:FTP uses the user accounts/pasword created in U-NAS. There is no need to create FTP separately.
6、Does U-NAS suport mounting external disk ?
A:Yes. It support NTFS, FAT, EXT3/4, etc
7、What is the transmission speed of 100M/1G network?
A:100M network usually can reach ~10MB/s, while 1Gbps network can reach ~100MB/s with big files.
More questions please visit the U-NAS forums: http://www.u-nas.com/forums